Frequently Asked Questions

Do we wear clothes for the duration of the session? What kind?

Yes clothes are required for every session and we keep clothes on the entire time.

Please wear something that you are comfortable in. Pajama pants and sweats are popular cuddle wear. A minimum of shorts and a tank top is required for both practitioner and client.

How should we manage sexual arousal in a session?

Arousal is a healthy human response to all kinds of things including touch. It is not a problem in a non-sexual session. The important thing is that neither client or practitioner respond to it in a manner intended to increase arousal. It can be acknowledged or not and simply allowed to come and go without taking focus.

I want to know what the agreements are for our work together:

All clients must agree to our terms of agreement and code of conduct. Your practitioner will let you know if they have other agreements in addition to these. Please read the Code of Conduct by clicking on the links. There will be a test!