Why do we love helping people like you?

Sarah Alexander, Founder of Cuddle Melbourne shares why she started the company...

I’m an American who moved to Australia in 2011.

When I first came to Melbourne I only knew the person who I moved to Australia to be with, my partner at the time. I had a bit of trouble with socially integrating to a new country and I faced a lot of days in my bed experiencing what felt like a mild depression before I had established my support circles.

Most weeks were spent crying on tear stained pillows as I felt too stuck in my comfort zone to go out and meet new people and start friendships.  To remedy this, I would go to shops to try on clothes or local cafes to chat with the people who worked there to get my social interaction fix. There was no touch involved but it gave me the human connection I desperately yearned for.

Because of my history, I firmly believe:


I can relate to the isolation that comes from not having enough positive human contact.

If unchecked this human connection deficiency can lead to thoughts of hopelessness, sadness, anxiety and feelings that your life doesn’t even matter.

I know that’s not true.


I wish to welcome you into a space of nurture, trust and authentic connection, where you are empowered to explore your curiosity, express your need, and receive what will honour your body and your heart desires.

A sacred place for self

I truly desire a place where you are celebrated for the expression you bring into the world.


How often though does the tenderness part of you feel safe to ask for what it needs and express fully?

How often do you wish you could feel free ask for what you need without judgement?

I provide the space for this while specializing in personal touch, caring cuddles, and authentic connection.

My pleasure is creating a safe and non judgmental space in which we navigate the present moment together feeling connected, valued, heard, and supported.

If you are feeling the call to work together, inquire about a session today by booking a 5 minute Connection Call, by clicking on the link below.


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